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In the transportation sector, where vehicles endure constant exposure to the elements, our range of cleaning chemicals, accessories, and equipment is tailored to meet the unique challenges of the transport industry. From heavy-duty degreasers that effectively remove road grime to high-quality brushes, squeegees, and foaming guns for meticulous cleaning, our products ensure that vehicles maintain a polished and professional appearance. Whether it's commercial fleets, public transportation, or individual vehicles, our solutions cater to diverse cleaning needs. We also provide advanced equipment like pressure washers and detailing tools to streamline the cleaning process.


  • Abrasives

  • Adhesives

  • Air fresheners and deodorisers

  • Aluminium cleaners and polishes

  • Biodegradable degreasers

  • Cable ties

  • Cleaning accessories and tools

  • Cleaning cloths

  • Cotton rags

  • Fabric and vinyl cleaners

  • Foaming guns

  • Gab kits bolts nuts washers clips

  • Glass cleaners

  • Hand cleaners and hygiene products

  • Hand towels

  • Heavy duty truck wash

  • Interior cleaners and dressings

  • Lubricants

  • Multipurpose cleaners

  • Petrol and electric pressure cleaners

  • Plastic and vinyl restoring

  • Polishing equipment

  • Quick break degreasers

  • Safety and ppe products

  • Specialty mineral removers

  • Spill kits

  • Tapes

  • Touch up paints

  • Traffic film removers

  • Vacuums

  • Waxes and exterior protectors

Truck Wash
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