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Calm Sea


We know that the health of the environment relies on all of us to take action in our daily lives. At Autosmart NT, we are doing our bit.

At Autosmart NT, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. As part of this commitment, we prioritize the use of recycled materials in our packaging. All our containers are recycled whenever possible, aligning with our goal to make all our packaging 100% recycled and recyclable.


To further reduce waste, we encourage our customers to return their empty plastic containers, drums & IBC's to us for reuse, contributing to a circular economy where every refilled bottle represents a meaningful reduction in plastic waste.


Our dedication to environmental responsibility extends to all facets of our business, ensuring that from manufacturing to sales, we adhere to the highest environmental standards, as defined by ISO14001.

We continually seek innovative ways to enhance both our business practices and

the well-being of our environment, striving to provide not only smarter solutions

for our customers but also for our planet.

ISO 14001

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