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Autosmart NT began as a one-man-band back in 2012.


Chace Karpenko saw an opportunity to set out on a new path, purchasing an existing Autosmart NT franchise.


Chace hadn’t done sales before but he knew the automotive industry inside out, had solid mechanical skills and knew he could build great relationships with businesses across the Territory. 


After 12 months as the sole operator of the business, it wasn’t long before Chace’s now-wife Megan came on board to help with the business. While Chace was out on the road, Megan was at the warehouse taking care of the manufacturing and administration.

Since then, the Autosmart NT team has grown to 6 full-time employees and expanded our product range from solely Autosmart products to include some of the most recognisable products in the world like Norton Abrasives, Loctite, Oates and Nilfisk-Kerrick. 


Customer Trust: We value the trust our customers place in us, prioritising honesty, and reliability.

Exceptional Experiences: Committed to delivering outstanding experiences, we aim to exceed expectations every time.

Customer-focused Approach: We tailor our products and services to meet unique customer needs.

Go Beyond Expectations: Motivated to go above and beyond, our team is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations consistently.

Continuous Improvement: Embracing continuous improvement, we innovate and adapt to ensure we are always improving.

Team Collaboration: We foster a collaborative and supportive team environment, where every member contributes to our common goal.

Open Communication: Transparent and open communication is the foundation of our business.

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Autosmart Australia

Autosmart Australia was founded in 1996 and started franchising in 1999. It has since grown to be Australia's largest trade supplier with 35 franchisees nationwide. We are the only manufacturer to market in every state.


Autosmart International

Autosmart International was established in the UK in 1979 and today is the trade’s favourite supplier of vehicle cleaning
products in many territories around the world. We develop and manufacture all of our own products and distribute them exclusively through an international network of franchisees.

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