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Recognising the shared passion for cars and bikes among our valued customers, we decided to make our merchandise more personal and engaging.


Our annual Merchandise Collection will celebrate the incredible world of hot rods and bikes the dedicated individuals who bring them to life. Each year, we will handpick a customer's cherished hot rod or bike to feature in our exclusive life style range. With the permission of our customer, we will showcase their beloved car, giving praise to the hard work and dedication poured into restoring and maintaining the beautiful machines.  


Will your car or bike be the next star of our Merchandise Collection?

The 2023 Beauty! The XP! Meet Paul Tinning from Transfurb Panel and Paint, a great customer and friend of the Autosmart team. Paul is the proud owner of this breathtaking XP Falcon. As you can see, Paul's passion for cars goes beyond the ordinary. His XP Falcon, a true testament to meticulous care, creativity, and dedication, and clearly stands as a symbol of automotive artistry. From the gorgeous tan leather exterior to the finely tuned engine, Paul's Falcon tells a story of dedication and love for cars. We are honoured to feature Paul’s XP  in our very first merchandise collection.

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