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In the field of window and tinting services, clarity is key, and our range of cleaning chemicals, accessories, and equipment is finely tuned to meet the demands of this industry. Our specialised glass cleaners are designed to deliver streak-free, crystal-clear results, ensuring a flawless finish on windows and tinted surfaces. Complemented by high-quality accessories like microfiber cloths, and squeegees that cater to the delicate nature of tinted films. Additionally, our line of tint-safe cleaners helps preserve the integrity of window tint, preventing discoloration or damage. 

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  • Ammonia free tint glue remover

  • Ammonia based tint glue remover

  • Cotton rags

  • Cutting blades

  • Glass cleaners

  • Glass cleaning cloths

  • Glass polish

  • Glue removers

  • ​lint free paper towel

  • Safety and PPE products

  • Screenwash concentrate

  • Squeegees

  • Water spot removers

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