The Science of Excellence

1. Vehicle Detergents

We have detergents for hand washing, automated vehicle washes, pressure washer and pre-spray application.

2. Aerosol Products

We offer a complete range of aerosols, Perfect for rejuvenating engine part, wheels and care accessories.

3. Cleaners Exterior & Interior

We have Exterior & interior cleaners, designed to make vehicle preparation easy, quick & cost effective.

4. Glass Cleaners

Autosmart glass cleaners are excellent bug removers and always bring back the sparkle to glass.

5. Polishes & protection

We have a complete range of polishes offering excellent UV Protection.

6. Compounds

RESTORE is a complete system for safe and easy scratch removal and vehicle restoration.

7. Dressings

We have a wide range of dressing products to enhance the appearance of all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces found in vehicles today.

8. Workshop

We have everything for the workshop, including lubricants, degreasers, specialist cleaners and a range of paper products and hand towel.

9. Handcare

We have a range of Hardworking hand care, including paint removers, barrier creams, heavy duty cleaners and gentle soaps.

10. Janitorial

We offer products designed to keep your premises clean and hygienic.

11. Air fresheners

With the Autosmart range, cars and workshops have never smelled better.

12. Equipment & Accessories

A complete range of accessories and equipment designed to help you get the best from all our products.